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Who Am I

Welcome to BakennectedWithSwathi, a place where baking transcends the ordinary, and each recipe tells a story of passion and creativity. At the heart of our baking haven is Swathi, a dedicated culinary artist, and the soul behind our delectable journey. Swathi is not just a baker; she's a culinary visionary with a flair for transforming simple ingredients into extraordinary delights. Her journey into the world of baking is fueled by a deep love for the art and an unwavering commitment to crafting memorable experiences through the joy of homemade treats.

My Journey - IT to Culinary Artisan

Swathi's professional journey began in the fast-paced world of Information Technology. For more than a decade, she navigated the complexities of the tech landscape, contributing her skills and expertise to various projects. Yet, amid the algorithms and codes, a latent passion quietly simmered—a love for baking that would eventually reshape her path. Driven by her deep-seated passion, Swathi made a courageous decision—to leave behind the security of her IT career and dive headfirst into the world of baking. It was a leap of faith, a decision fueled by a desire to turn her love for baking into a purposeful vocation.

What Sets Swathi Apart

Swathi stands out as a culinary virtuoso, infusing every recipe with a unique blend of passion and expertise. Her proficiency in eggless baking elevates the art, offering delightful treats that stand out for their flavor and texture. From crafting theme-based cakes to exploring innovative twists, Swathi's creations are a testament to her commitment to culinary excellence.

What truly distinguishes Swathi is the personal touch she lends to each recipe, ensuring that every creation is a reflection of warmth and culinary artistry. With tried-and-tested guidance, a focus on quality, and a dedication to delivering memorable experiences, Swathi transforms baking into an extraordinary journey. Join us in savoring the exceptional flavors and moments she creates, making every bite a celebration.

Our Products

Highest Quality

Passionate Baking Craft

Infusing each recipe with genuine love and creativity.

Eggless Mastery

Expertise in crafting indulgent eggless delights.

Theme-Based Brilliance

Elevating celebrations with artistic theme-based cakes.

Guided Perfection

Meticulous guidance for foolproof baking success.

Personalized Warmth

A personal touch in every delightful creation.

Quality Commitment

Unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional flavors.